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december 29, 2006

Kul SEO tool

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Hittade ett litet roligt verktyg på, Industry Inbreeding & Hub Finder :

This tool will help you determine the level of interlinking between sites already ranking in the top 36 sites for your keyword. This ”industry inbreeding chart” can provide much useful information in the correct context including…

  • Hub Discovery
  • Link Islands
  • Industry Competitiveness

The diagram shows three concentric circles. The center shows sites ranking from 1-12 for your keyword. The second shows 13-24, and third shows 25-36. The size of the ”blips” for each website is dependent upon the number of inbound links from other sites in the top 36. The colors of the lines indicate which direction the link is pointing. If the line is the same color as the blip, it is an inbound link.

Gjorde ett test med expressn se bilde nedan

expressn inbreed graph


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